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White Mountains Livestock Shuts Down Pork Production.

  Snowflake, Arizona, 04/06/2022 — White Mountains Livestock Company LLC recently Announced its intention to shut down its pork production in Arizona.  Josh Pierce, President, stated on Wednesday that “Due to increasing feed costs it just isn’t feasible to keep pork prices low enough for the end consumer. We apologize to all of our pork…

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Win A FREE Year of RM Cloud!

Starting Tues. Aug. 11th until Friday Aug. 14th We are giving away a FREE year of RM Cloud to 1 lucky customer. All you have to do to win is leave an honest review of Ranch Manager on G2 at the following link: Then email us a screenshot of your review and your Ranch…

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Choosing a Replacement Gilt – Feet Evaluation

This guide is to help anyone raising hogs for meat to effectively screen replacement gilt candidates before adding them into their breeding herds.  The visual appraisal can help you identify replacement gilts with various issues that can negatively impact sow longevity.  In this article I will discuss the conformation and structural soundness, feet and leg…

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Why Do Pigs Like Mud?

We’ve all seen a little pig rolling around in the mud and loving every second of it. But the question comes up “why do they do it?” Many people think that it’s because pigs are dirty animals. This is not the case, pigs are actually very clean animals. In this article we dig in to…

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