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Canker In Horses: An In Depth Look

What is Canker? In a nutshell Canker is a disease that causes the tissues in and around a horse’s frog to grow excessively. In more technical terms canker is: Canker is a chronic hypertrophy and apparent suppuration of the horn-producing tissues of the foot, involving the frog and the sole. (https://www.merckvetmanual.com/musculoskeletal-system/lameness-in-horses/canker-in-horses) History The name canker…

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Thrush in Horses

So what is thrush? Simply put, thrush is a fungal infection in a horses hoof. It erodes the tissues of the frog which leaves a black ooze on the surface. This infection thrives in areas where horses are confined to corrals or a very small pasture. What is Thrush Thrush itself is a fungal infection…

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Why Do Horses Crib?

To start with let’s define what cribbing actually is. Cribbing is when a horse chews on various items. In many cases their corral panels. This behavior can be rather destructive and there are a number of questions that people have about it. Why Horses Crib To start with lets discuss why horses crib. Traditionally cribbing…

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Where are Horses Indigenous Too?

In 1493, on Columbus’s second voyage to the Americas, Spanish horses, representing E. caballus, were brought back to North America, first in the Virgin Islands and, in 1519, they were reintroduced on the continent. These Spanish and European horses were smaller because of the space constraints on ships, but through breeding with larger horses eventually…

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