February 2, 2019

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Canker In Horses: An In Depth Look

What is Canker? In a nutshell Canker is a disease that causes the tissues in and around a horse’s frog to grow excessively. In more technical terms canker is: Canker is a chronic hypertrophy and apparent suppuration of the horn-producing tissues of the foot, involving the frog and the sole. (https://www.merckvetmanual.com/musculoskeletal-system/lameness-in-horses/canker-in-horses) History The name canker…

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Thrush in Horses

So what is thrush? Simply put, thrush is a fungal infection in a horses hoof. It erodes the tissues of the frog which leaves a black ooze on the surface. This infection thrives in areas where horses are confined to corrals or a very small pasture. What is Thrush Thrush itself is a fungal infection…

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