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BriteTap Automatic Chicken Nipple Waterer

$23.45 + Tax
Completely shields flock's water from dirt and droppings so the water stays sparkling clean and hygienic. No waste-filled pans of water to touch or wash out! The BriteTap is fully covered. Less daily work – no need to clean waterer every day. Rounded interior walls make it easier to clean with a bottle brush. Clean-out plug on front is more durable and easier to remove/insert. Doesn't rust like metal waterers.
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BriteTap Freez Free Nipple Valves

$16.13 + Tax
Keeps chicken’s water flowing even when the temperature falls below freezing
Special freeze-resistant nipple valves for use with BriteTap Automatic Chicken Nipple Waterer.
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Hoof Pick Brush

$2.04 + Tax
Handy combination tool does the job of both hoof pick and brush. Super-strong plastic handle with extra-stiff bristles. Color may vary.
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Thrush Buster

$16.90 + Tax
Single application thrush treatment lasts up to 8 days, even in the wettest, muddiest terrain. Relieves the agonizing, crippling effects of thrush while reducing the chance of reinfection. Creates an antiseptic barrier between healthy tissue and thrush. Purple color tells you where it's working, with a fresh coat needed only where it has faded.
May be used before applying sole pads and silicon to toughen thin-soled feet and reduce bacteria counts.
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AllFlex Tagger Blunt Pin

$3.99 + Tax
Blunt replacement pin for Allflex Universal Total Tagger, Global Retract-O-Matic Tagger and EID Ultra Retract-O-Matic Tagger.
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Global Retract-O-Matic Tagger

$78.12 + Tax
Automatic applicator retracts the pin out of the ear before the animal can react. Complete with 2 pins.
Conversion Kit available (sold separately) to convert any Retract-O-Matic to apply EID Tags; includes red anvil with special EID jaws and special modified pin.