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Ivermectin Pour-On Dewormer for Cattle

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Indicated for the treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, grubs, sucking and biting lice, sarcoptic mange mites and horn flies in cattle.
Contains 5 mg ivermectin per ml.
Dosage: 50 ml per 1,100 lbs body weight. Not for use in female dairy cattle of breeding age or veal calves. 48 day slaughter withdrawal.
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Product Features

  • Up to 28 days of horn fly control
  • Provides a wide margin of safety with minimal animal stress
  • Low volume application with proven performance
  • Tip and Measure packaging on 250 ml and 1 liter sizes
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Trap 'N Toss Disposable Fly Trap

$8.35 + Tax
Handy, disposable trap attracts and kills flies without insecticides.
Special attractant combines multiple feeding stimulants and a fly sex attractant - flies can't resist.
Holds over 10,000 flies.
Can be hung or set down wherever flies are most active. Ideal for use outside barns, stables, kennels and yards.
Easy to use, just squeeze attractant into trap and add water.
Not recommended for indoor use; do not place within reach of livestock.
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BriteTap Automatic Chicken Nipple Waterer

$23.45 + Tax
Completely shields flock's water from dirt and droppings so the water stays sparkling clean and hygienic. No waste-filled pans of water to touch or wash out! The BriteTap is fully covered. Less daily work – no need to clean waterer every day. Rounded interior walls make it easier to clean with a bottle brush. Clean-out plug on front is more durable and easier to remove/insert. Doesn't rust like metal waterers.
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BriteTap Freez Free Nipple Valves

$16.13 + Tax
Keeps chicken’s water flowing even when the temperature falls below freezing
Special freeze-resistant nipple valves for use with BriteTap Automatic Chicken Nipple Waterer.
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Hoof Pick Brush

$2.04 + Tax
Handy combination tool does the job of both hoof pick and brush. Super-strong plastic handle with extra-stiff bristles. Color may vary.