White Mountains Livestock Shuts Down Pork Production.

Josh Pierce
White Mountains Livestock Company LLC
For Immediate Release

  Snowflake, Arizona, 04/06/2022 — White Mountains Livestock Company LLC recently Announced its intention to shut down its pork production in Arizona.  Josh Pierce, President, stated on Wednesday that “Due to increasing feed costs it just isn’t feasible to keep pork prices low enough for the end consumer. We apologize to all of our pork Customers and hope they will stay with us while our beef product line is underway”. White Mountains Livestock Company LLC was founded in 2019 and prided itself on producing high quality pork without the use of hormones or anti-biotics.        

    As of April 6th, the company will begin liquidating its current swine inventory to make room To grow its beef herd.  “It’s a sad day that the thing that started this company has come to an end.  Fortunately, we have grown into other industries as well which will sustain us While our beef line is growing” said President, Josh Pierce.  

For additional information the company can be contacted at 1-800-364-7231.

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