Why Does Farm Raised Meat Cost More?

There are a number of reasons farm raised meat costs more than store bought. In many cases it boils down to your location. Keep reading and we will dive into some of the reasons why this is.

Feed Costs

Imagine for a minute that you own a small farm and are raising animals for meat. Do you think you could get the same price buying a few hundred pounds of feed as someone who is buying a few thousand pounds? Of course not. This is a large part of the reason farm raised meats are higher.


This is one of the biggest reasons farm fresh meat is costs more. Large operations don’t care nearly as much about the quality of the meat that they are producing. A small farm relies on that quality to sustain themselves. They spend more time selecting a better quality feed that will outperform the mass produced stuff.

Closer Care

large producers rush the production to get the animals to market weight as quickly as possible. Small producers typically take their time and allow the animals to take the time to reach maturity. Doing this incurs extra costs because the animals are there a lot longer.

There are a ton more reasons why farm raised meats are more expensive but, at the end of the day it boils down to quality. If you compare store bought meat to farm raised meat you can physically see the difference in the coloring, marbling, etc.

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