There are a number of people across the Country that are looking more towards local farms and ranches to purchase their fresh pork from.  This trend is actually helping people be more healthy than buying from the store.  Many corporate owned farms tend to add hormones and other

chemicals to get their animals as big as possible as fast as they can.  We consider fresh pork to be what you are unable to get in the store.  Fresh pork is the kind of pork that you dream about but can never find.  It is full of flavor and looks amazing on a plate with a nice side of greens or potatoes.  We understand that it’s not always easy to find a place you can rely on to provide your family with quality meats which is why we pride ourselves on providing you with quality meat.  Our meat is never given any kind of hormone or steroid to add size.  They are fed 100% of the time with various grains to ensure they get the vitamins and minerals that they need to grow in a healthy way.  We minimize all stress on the animal as much as we can.  This enables us to give you a great tasting, quality meat.  At White Mountains Livestock Company flavor is everything and for this reason we encourage you to sit back, and enjoy farm fresh, grain fed, organic pork.

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