Grocery Store Meat Vs Farm Fresh Meat

A question many people have today is why is supermarket meat is cheaper than meat you can purchase fresh from a farm or ranch. There are reasons to make the best choice for yourself and your family.

The meat you find in a grocery store is mass-produced. Its origins are more like a factory than a traditional farm. Operating with government subsidies, the purpose of these meat factories is to produce as much meat as possible.

This means poor quality control and poor meat quality. Factory-style farming means less nutrients in the meat. Mass-produced meat is also more likely to contain antibiotics and growth hormones. Factory-style farming includes additives in the animal feed, too. You do not want to pass these unhealthy substances on to your family from eating mass-produced meat.

While this type of farming itself is questionable, so is the overall quality of the meat. You do not know how long the meat is been in a processing and packaging facility, or the health and safety precautions that are taken at the facilities. In addition, you do not know if the meat has been transported to the store in a sanitary manner, how it has been handled at the store, or how long it has been available for sale. You are taking chances if you rely on the expiration dates.

You will not have these concerns when you buy farm fresh meat. You will have the healthiest, safest product. You are assured of excellent quality and excellent service. When you buy farm fresh meat, you are supporting local business and local farms. Also, you are creating sustainability for farms and farmers, and protecting the environment.

The small extra cost is worth it. You are doing your part to sustain local businesses, and you are providing the very best for your family.

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